Stay organized in Trello

Attach emails to cards, get updates automatically.

Free – 100,000+ installs

Attach emails to cards.

Your team will get updates without you updating the card.

Real-time updates.

Replies appear immediately. No more copy-and-pasting emails.

Discuss emails and reply from Trello.

Let team members reply without accessing your inbox.

Works in Gmail, too.

For mobile, use the Cardbox add-on in the Gmail app.

Simple pricing.

Free for individuals, and teams are $5 per member.

Free$5 per member, monthly
Boards3 boardsUnlimited
Email addresses2 inboxesUnlimited
Members1 memberUp to 20
Unlimited emailsUp to Gmail's account limit.
Custom domains
Custom signatures
Butler integration
Mobile support, in Gmail for iOS / Android
Use for FreeStart 30-day free trial

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