Bring Gmail into Trello.

Attach email to cards, create an "Inbox" list, reply from Trello and more.

Add the power-up to Trello

Create a shared inbox

Cardbox can automatically create cards when you get an email, or you can attach individual emails to existing cards.

View and reply from Trello.

When you get a reply, Cardbox moves the card to the top of its list, so you can track who needs a response. All board members can reply, to share the workload.

Works in Gmail, too.

Get the Gmail add-on to view your Trello cards in Gmail. Works on iOS and Android in the official Gmail app.


Cardbox is free for small teams and personal use. If you plan to use Cardbox on more than 20 boards, please reach out so I can provision additional capacity. To get Cardbox, add the "Gmail by Cardbox" power-up to your Trello board.

Contact us

Reach out if you have any questions, or feature suggestions! You can expect a reply in under 24 hrs.